Kevendren’s New Grin

Kevendren when he came in

Kevendren finally made it in for his new smile for the New Year 2012!! He’s a friend of Mowindran, who had his smile repaired after a nasty bike accident several years ago. See “Mowindran Get’s Back His Smile”

Kevendren had mailed me on the Facebook Page ‘Dentist Malaysia’ a few days ago for an appointment, so when he came in this morning, both he and I were looking forward to doing some magic!

It was complicated!! Kevendren had a missing upper front tooth and the three that were there were chipped and haphazardly placed … his lower teeth were also squashed into the space available and chipped too.

A side view before we waved the magic wand

Braces would probably be the most obvious treatment most people would decide on but the problem would be the missing upper tooth … Kevendren would probably need to go through 2 years of braces first and only then replace the missing tooth … that was not quite the treatment plan he wanted!

I explained to him that we could use composite veneering (he’d need 4 on top) to correct the upper teeth … the lowers could be corrected in several ways.

We discussed his options and after some deliberation, Kevendren said he was going for composite veneering for both his upper teeth and lowers too.

A new smile ... in just a few minutes!

I asked him, “OK  … when do you want to do the makeover?”

He looked at me in surprise. “Today!! Can’t we do it today?”

I laughed! Yay!!!! “Well get ready to look handsome ok!” and he smiled.

As we worked I asked Kevendren what he did … he said he was still a student in a local university. He told me that Mowindran had encouraged him to get his makeover done long ago.

He had checked out this blog and knew I hadn’t been able to post any makeovers for nearly two weeks … I promised I’d post his makeover though, as I had just gotten an sms from my domain master who had sorted out the problem.

What a difference!!

His upper teeth were actually easier to do and was finished pretty quick. Doing the lower teeth was a lot more difficult as the lateral incisors were so far behind.

I had to stop for a bit to do and emergency patient, Mrs Tai.

Kevendren was kind enough to let me treat the elderly lady, Mrs Tai, who had lost her full denture … when she went to her regular dentist, the poor dear had been told she could only get her replacement dentures after 2 weeks … desperate her son asked around for another dentist and she found us! I told her I’ll make sure she’ll get her teeth for the celebrations!!

Can you imagine how she felt …. Chinese New Year is next Monday!!! I promised Mrs Tai she’d get her new dentures on Friday.

Once I finished with Mrs Tai I continued with Kevendren …

“Is is painful?” I asked him.

Kevendren first photo smiling wide!

“Not at all … but it feels strange.” he said.

I explained that it would feel strange at first but he’d get used to it pretty quick … Damalis, our new assistant reassured him that he would get used to it … Damalis did her makeover last year in April so she knows first hand how it feels. Check out “A Beautiful Birthday Smile for Damalis”

When it was time to pass Kevendren the mirror for him to see the new smile for the first time, I could see he was nervous …. he took a deep breathe and peeked at his reflection …

He stared and stared and stared at his new smile … then looked up and said, “Thank you! I look like a different person!”

I took his picture … Kevendren photographed smiling wide for the first time.

Doesn’t he look happy?

Thank you Kevendren and thank you Mowindran for telling him about us!

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