Lina gets a new smile for the New Year

Lina before ... it was hard to get this photo!

Lina is the cousin of one of my cousins! Technically she is not really related to me but in Malaysia we’re all related!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lina came in on Saturday with her cousins (4 of them!) who were there to give her moral support. As they were all already our patients, they knew they could sit around her during the consultation!

So with all her relatives urging her, Lina came in today for the makeover … this time alone.

It was so, so, so difficult to get her to smile wide for the camera. I didn’t try too hard as I knew she was uncomfortable. Personally I hate photos taken of me too, which is why you’d probably seldom see a photo ofร‚ย  me … even on the Facebook Page Dentist Malaysia except on the profile photo ๐Ÿ˜‰

A slightly better 'Before' picture

We got straight to work … I had already told Lina that it would probably take about 45 minutes … and I had already promised her it would be absolutely painless!

She settled backร‚ย  … Dr Kayethri, our new associate dentist was there to watch Lina’s transformation.

I passed Lina the mirror once I had done her upper teeth … Dr Kayethri said, “How come you’ve given her the mirror half way?” in surprise.

I said, “Well sometimes it good for the patient to see the transformation as it developes … it makes them even more relaxed and confident with the smile they’re going to go home with.”

Now that's so much nicer ... and in 45 mins too!

Lina was busy looking in the mirror … she didn’t even hear what we said … she was so pleased!

In 45 minutes as promised we finished up. I did 9 composite veneers in all … 4 on the top and 5 below.

Lina was super duper pleased with the results!

She looked so, so, so different!

I checked her biting pattern to make sure she could eat normally immediately ….and laughed when she reminded me that she knew not to eat stones, bones and metal!!

so much nicer now ... and whiter too!

Lina told me how she had seen a dentist earlier who had told her that she’d need to spend RM20K for a makeover … she was absolutely thrilled that this had cost her 1/10 the price!

We printed the photos for her to take home with her and got her Makeover Albums ready.

As we said our goodbyes, Lina reminded me that I’ll be seeing her again at a ‘Doa Selamat’ for a cousin who is leaving for Switzerland this Saturday …

That’s going to be fun … I’m going to get to see Lina wow the cousins with her new smile! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Way to go, Lina!

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