Amran’s Incredible Makeover

Amran was told that his case was too difficult!

Amran found our blog and emailed me saying that he had seen a dentist who had said his case was too difficult to treat … the dentist said that it would cost him RM20K to correct his smile!

Amran included a photograph of his smile in the email … it was complicated …. yes indeed, but I emailed Amran back saying that I would be happy to see him just to talk … and we could see if composite veneers would work for him.

So Amran found time from his very busy work schedule to come in for a consultation.

We talked at length about his particular case … I told him that we couldn’t ‘jump’ his upper teeth over the lowers (which would be ideal!) but with composite veneers on 6 teeth on the uppers and 6 teeth on the lowers, he would definitely look good!

From the side

We did a mock-up to show him how it would look like … the teeth position remain the same but now they no longer are small and crooked!

When I told him:

  • that it would be painless …
  • that we only needed one visit …
  • that it would take me an hour …
  • that it lasts …
  • that it costs RM3K (he needed 12 composite veneers!) …
  • that there was a guarantee …
  • that he could always come in for any adjustments …
  • that he need only brush his teeth daily and visit a dentist every 6 months for his scaling to maintain the veneers  …

and he looked at his reflection with the mock-ups in mild shock …. Amran made the appointment.

What a HUGE difference!

So today was the big day … Amran took a day off and came in all ready for his incredible (and supposedly impossible ;)  ) makeover.

We did the tops first …. that took about half an hour. Then I asked his permission to quickly treat another patient whilst he could talk to Idah who was assisting me … it was a good break (actually, I was ever so grateful he let me treat the next patient as I was running late!)

Amran could ask all the questions he had whilst Idah explained everything to him … you know how you have all these questions running in your head and can’t ask or talk whilst the dentist is working, right. 😉

No gaps!!! And it didn't take 2 years!!

Then I was back … and we resumed with the lowers …

The lowers took another half an hour … all I had to do then, was polish the composite veneers to a beautiful shine.

At last I was done … yes, I fussed over Amran … I wanted to give him the smile he always wanted! … especially since he was told (and believed until he stumbled on our blog) that he was a difficult case and it would take big bucks if anything at all could be done for him.

The whole Team stayed back to watch Amran’s transformation … we went back an hour later than usual (as we also had Faiq’s Makeover earlier that afternoon) … but we all wanted to see the finished makeover.

No gaps!!! Yay!!

It was so, so, so, satisfying to see Amran’s huge smile!

He looked absolutely different … and was so happy too.

Thank you Amran for trusting us …

and thank you to my Team …

we did it ….. together! 😉

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12 years ago

well done doc! 🙂

liz hassan
liz hassan
12 years ago

Fantastic job Fay! Well done..