Hasnah travels to KL for her dream smile

Hasnah before we did our magic

Hasnah saw our blog whilst surfing for a dentist for her makeover. She made the appointment and walked in a few days ago for some magic.

When we examined her, I told her that I could easily sort out one side of her smile but the other side would look much, much nicer if we did a 3 step procedure.

Hasnah looked just a little disappointed when I said that.

She told me she had traveled all the way from Kulim, Kedah where she worked.

The hidden tooth

I told her that I understood her predicament … the only thing was, doing the whole makeover with composite veneers would really not be so nice as the tooth would look very short.

That’s when Hasnah said, “OK Doc, I trust you … let’s go for the bridge then.”

I always feel so moved when people say that … that they trust me.

It’s a huge responsibility that I take seriously … I will never tell someone to do something … I will tell them the pros and cons, the good and the bad for each procedure … but they have to choose.

Hasnah with her temporary bridge and veneers

So when a patient asks me for my advice and they say, “OK I trust you.” It is a huge responsibility to have them not regret whatever they choose.

You see with composite veneers it’s easy … the preparation is so minimal and the tooth is hardly affected … and it’s much cheaper than crowns. Besides you could always decide to crown the tooth later, when your budget permits, or when you just want too!

But when Hasnah decided on a bridge, I had to take out a tooth and prepare her adjacent teeth for crowns … there’s no turning back!

Yes, I feel the weight of responsibility to make sure she loves the makeover.

No more missing tooth

Hasnah also works something like 500km away from KL … I am responsible for making the next few days until her next visit comfortable and she remains looking great … it’s not like coming back is as simple as a 15 minute ride to the clinic!

So with those thoughts at the back of my mind, I began to work our magic.

I did the composite veneers first whilst we chatted and then began to do the bridge …

Soon everything was done! The veneers were in place and the temporary bridge had been polished to a nice shine … it was time to let Hasnah see her new smile.

A pretty and natural smile

Hasnah looked in the mirror and gasped, “I love it! I have straight teeth! I can hardly wait to show this to my family. Thank you!!”

I smiled … whew! I was so happy too!

Yes, she does look good … and taking the ‘After’ photos was so much easier …. Hasnah now can smile wide for the camera!

See you in a few weeks Hasnah … we’ve got Round 2 next

… and I promise .. it won’t hurt at all. 😉

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12 years ago

Hi dear doctor 🙂 I have similar teeth problem with Ayu actually, which both of my lateral incisors are peg-shaped. Can I know how much is overall cost for the whole makeover ? Is there any installment plan as I’m still a student. Hope to get you reply soon. Thank you very much. Have a great day ahead 🙂