Hazel the TV Newscaster

Hazel before

Hazel had read about the makeovers we do on this blog. She called in for an appointment and the very pretty Hazel came in today.

Hazel is a newscaster with RTM … naturally as a newscaster her smile is very important! The TV cameras are trained on her all the time … it’s her job!

Dr Kayethri, our new superstar dentist, attended to her … she started off asking what Hazel wanted us to do for her … Hazel said she was concerned about her lower teeth.

Hazel’s lower teeth had a small gap which could be easily seen on close-ups and the teeth were uneven … she wanted us to give her a beautiful smile!

No more gap and uneven teeth now

Dr Kayethri (we call her Dr Kay) very easily sorted out the gaps and the uneven teeth in just an hour.

Hazel was amazed when she saw the transformation!

She told Dr Kay that she had lived most of her life with the gap and uneven teeth … she could hardly believe that it would take just an hour to sort it out and it didn’t cost a lot either!

Hazel said that her previous experience was that dental treatment took a long time and was very costly.

Yes, she was surprised … and yes, she was very pleased!

Dr Kay … you made this very pretty newscaster even prettier … she now has a beautiful smile that she can show off on camera!

Way to go!

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