Khairi’s makeover

Khairi looked menacing before we started!

Khairi called Amy today and as luck would have it, Amy could squeeze him in during our lunch hour at 1pm.

He came in with two other friends just before 1 … we were still a little busy, so thankfully they were quite ok to sit for a bit, read the magazines and drink the coffee Damalis got ready for them.

At last, Khairi came in … he had extremely short hair which prompted me to ask,”Are you a cop?”

He laughed and said, “No, I’m with the MACC … and I’m nice!”

Khairi's smile from the side

I just had to smile … duh, even though I usually try to not read the newspapers (I get so depressed at all the bad news that fills our newspapers! ….Someone died, someone got robbed, someone got scammed etcetcetc) … but the MACC is certainly an organization that gets a lot of bad publicity … so even I got his quip.

I laughed and asked him what he wanted me to do.

Khairi said he wanted a clean up and to close the gaps between his teeth. I was told later that Amy had shown him our blog so he had seen pictures of our makeovers!

A brand new sparkling smile!

I told Khairi that one tooth was obviously dead, that’s why it had darkened …. he needed to do root treatment as the tooth was probably quite brittle.

But I could sort out the colour and gaps first and so we could do the treatment on the root in the next few visits. Khairi would leave with a nice smile!

I explained I needed to use 4 composite veneers to even out the upper teeth and close the gaps on each side too.

As I had squeezed him in and he needed to come in again for the root treatment, I suggested we just do the tops first and do the lower teeth (he’ll need 3 composite veneers for them) in the next visit.

Even the side view is nice and even now

So with that treatment plan agreed upon, we revved up the magic wand …

We had to do some preliminary preparations on the darkened tooth first. It isn’t too hard as we have many opaquers and blockers to brighten the tooth up … it was just one short step extra but would make a huge difference to the final colour of the makeover!

In about an hour … after the clean up and the veneers, Khairi was ready for the mirror!

He was amazed! … and immediately asked me when he could come in for his lower teeth. 😉

We printed out the Before and After photos for his Makeover Album and set the next appointment.

I reminded him that even though the composite veneers had disguised the dark tooth, he still had to get the root treated … I hope he remembers!

Until next month, Khairi … I promise to straighten the lowers and sort out the dead tooth too … enjoy your new smile! 😉

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