Jailani travels from Singapore

Jailani before

Jailani emailed us when he saw a post in this blog late last month. He asked me several questions and made an appointment to come up to Kuala Lumpur for a consultation.

As he worked and lived in Singapore, we had to figure out a treatment plan that worked for him … that was the main concern … it was difficult for him to take time off from work.

Jailani is an extremely reserved young man.

He is a poet, a writer and works with one of the universities in Singapore. His work scope included Tamil language poetry and literary works!

Jailani with the temporary bridge

It was so hard to get him to smile for the “Before” photos … Jailani was not used to smiling. 🙂

The treatment plan we agreed on included some composite veneer work and a bridge. This meant that Jailani would have to travel 2 more times to KL … but we could space the visits apart …. and I promised him that he would have a really nice temporary bridge between the visits.

A really nice looking … and strong! … temporary bridge is crucial for any immediate bridge work. Most times dentists would make a denture for the patient to wear whilst the bridge is made or whilst a tooth that had to be removed heals.

I usually (actually always) prefer to make a temporary bridge for the patient … after all they get to get used to having a bridge in them and can eat normally!

Anybody who has ever worn a denture will tell you getting used to the denture base is the hardest! Imagine having a plastic plate permanently covering the upper part of your mouth when you eat … it take a while to get used to it.

Jailani now!!

We did the composite veneers first, then the bridge preparations and made his temporary bridge.

I spent a long time making sure his temporary bridge was nice and strong … it had to look good and function like normal teeth when he ate for the next few weeks … and he’s in Singapore! That’s a whole country away!!!

At last I was satisfied … and so was Jailani! He looked absolutely different! Yay!!

So now we had to wait for a few weeks for the gums to heal.

Last week Jailani came in for his second visit … I removed the temporary bridge and took the impressions for his permanent bridge … made him a new temporary bridge and said goodbye again!

Yesterday was THE day! … The day that Jailani gets his makeover completed.

I was excited to see how the final bridge would look once cemented … we removed the temporary bridge and fixed the permanent one …

Perfect! What a relief! … Yes, even after more than 20 years of doing this, I still get excited/ nervous/ anxious when I change someone’s smile. 😉

We took the ‘After’ photos … it was nice to see Jailani could smile more easily now … and he’s much more relaxed too!

And yes, the reserved Jailani ….he is now my friend!

See you next month, Jailani!

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