Nurul Ain gets back her dream smile

Nurul Ain's front teeth were thinning and chipped

Nurul Ain is a young mother on a toddler.

He’s only a year and a half and like most kids that age is are handful indeed!

She came to the clinic yesterday with her husband and young son. What a live wire!

It was no wonder that Nurul Ain, an engineer with HP in Cyberjaya said she had noticed that her teeth were wearing out since she had become a mum.

The thin edges were chipping!

Nurul Ain said she had begun to clench her teeth and grind them unconsciously ever since she had become a mother … mum’s around the world will probably understand this! 😉

The trouble is, Nurul Ain noticed that her front teeth looked chipped and had fine cracks in them … oh no!

She had a very slight gap between the front teeth and one of her lateral incisors was a little mis-shapen too.

Dr Kay suggested 3 composite veneers to sort everything. In one swoop, that is in the same visit, 3 composite veneers would correct the slight gap, sort out the chipped front teeth and re-shape her lateral incisors … this way, even if she continues to grind her teeth .. it would be the composite veneers that would wear down and not her natural teeth!

All fixed!

It’s much like re-soling (going to the cobbler to replace the sole) your favourite shoes … imagine if you had really expensive Prada shoes which you wore day in and day out … the soles will eventually wear out, yes?

You wouldn’t throw out those favourite, expensive shoes would you? … You’d go to a cobbler and get new soles fixed on them so they have more years of wear for you.

The same goes with your teeth!!!

If Nurul Ain continues to grind her teeth and they wear down or chip … well all she needs to do is visit the dentist again and get them redone! … and that will probably (if ever) take 3-4 years from now.

No more gap or chipped teeth!

Makes sense huh!

It took Dr Kay about an hour to restore and polish the new smile for Nurul Ain … meanwhile her son was entertained by her husband.

Nurul Ain was so pleased with the results … now she needn’t worry about the chipped edges even when her son is at his most active!

Way to go Dr Kay and the Team!

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