Haslina walks into the clinic for her new smile

Haslina before

Haslina works in the collection department of Hong Leong Bank.

One day, as she walked past us on her way to the medical clinic next door to us, she noticed our signage for the blog.

Curious, and wanting to do something for her smile, Haslina checked out our blog.

She emailed me asking about composite veneering and its cost. I explained (in the email) that though the gap could be closed with just 2 veneers, usually the two teeth (the lateral incisors) would need to be veneered too … that is, we usually needed to ‘balance’ the size of the four front teeth.

Haslina had too-long looking front teeth and sharp laterals

I also suggested she make the appointment and I’d examine her so that I could advise her better as I would be seeing her for the first time.

I didn’t know that Haslina actually worked in the same building as the branch in Menara EON Bank!!

It was so easy for Haslina … she didn’t have to take time off!

Haslina made the appointment to coincide with her lunch break … it was going to be a lunch break unlike any other …

Haslina told her co-workers that she was going to see the dentist on the lower ground floor … and she was going to come back from her lunch break a totally different looking person!

Not bad for lunch break transformation

Imagine that!! 😉

I saw Haslina and sure enough she did need 4 composite veneers … yes, there was a gap between her front teeth … but her lateral incisors (the one’s next to the front teeth) were what we call ‘peg shaped’ … a sort of pointy, sharp looking.

It was easy … really! The makeover did not need injections or removal of any teeth … and it took about 45 minutes too!

When we had finished polishing everything to a beautiful shine, Ayu passed the mirror to Haslina.

A perfect smile!

As she took the mirror she said something under her breath, “Now for the magic!” and looked into the mirror! 😉

Yes … it did look like magic! Haslina looked totally different.

I joked, “Do you like it? If you don’t I can remove it.”

Haslina laughed, “No! It’s beautiful … I love it!”

And she did look different, don’t you agree!

We printed her Makeover Albums and said goodbye … I reminded Haslina that Amy would be calling her tomorrow to see if she had any questions and to ask if she was OK.

She went up to work again … with a new smile!

Now that’s a great lunch … non fattening … and totally transforming! 😉

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