Shafiq’s Valentine’s Day smile

Shafiq before

Shafiq is a professional photographer. In his job, I imagine, looking at faces and capturing smiles is an every day affair!

Shafiq didn’t like his own smile though. His front teeth had a slight gap and the lateral incisors were just a little crooked. His lower teeth were very obviously crooked too.

He had been asking around amongst his friends about doing something to correct his smile. Many told him that braces was the only way to correct his smile … well, it’s not the only way, as this blog shows you…. but it is the most common. 😉

Shafiq was worried that it would hurt … his friends said it did hurt when the rubber bands were changed but, well, a simple painkiller would sort that out … besides it was only for the first few hours when the bands are first put in.

From the front

So Shafiq asked around and got different quotes from dentists in KL.

One day he met a friend who told him to check out this blog … this friend hadn’t been to our clinics but had heard about the work we do!!

… the best part is, Shafiq said, “He already had his braces put in but he told me to check out the blog to see if veneers would be better for me!”

Wow! Shafiq was referred to us by a friend who hadn’t even come in to the clinic!

Shafiq checked it out and after reading thorough a few posts, immediately called up for an appointment!

No more crooked smile!

This was last week!

And so on Valentine’s Day, Shafiq came in to jazz up his smile.

He asked if it was going to hurt …. I said, “No … not one bit!”

He asked if it was going to take a long time …. I said, “No … it would take about 45 minutes.”

He asked if it would last … I said, “Of course it will … just don’t eat bones, stones and metal with your front teeth!”

All straight now ... and it took less than an hour!

He asked if he could eat crabs … I said, “Shouldn’t be a problem unless you are planning to crack the shell with your front teeth!” We both laughed.

So we started the makeover … I needed a short break to treat Nathaniel, an autistic child that needed his clean up … so the makeover took a little longer than the 45 minutes … (thanks Shafiq for letting me do Nat whilst you took the breather!)

When Shafiq looked at his new smile in the magic mirror he was delighted!

He kept saying, “This is my lucky day! Thank you!”

We printed the Makeover Albums and bluetooth-ed the photos to his phone for  good measure.

As he left I said, “Shafiq, this is a Valentine’s Day to remember!”

Thank you Shafiq!

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12 years ago

AsSalam Dr Fauziah, I am amazed with your work…fantastic…marvelous…within a short period you make people look fabulous…but I am wondering how much does it cost to do a makeover like Shafiq…I want my husband to do a makeover like Shafiq, he has one front teeth protrude a bit that make him look like ‘mancung’ in a photograph and same jagged and crooked lower teeth…but he refused as he said it would cost him one year bonus….Please please please, give me an indicative quote so that I could persuade him to visit you….If you do not want others to know the… Read more »