Bibi gets her makeover

Bibi before

Bibi Ellyvine has an unusual name. She came in with her husband for a consultation and I sort of expected to see a Pakistani-looking lady … but no, she looked totally different!

When Bibi and I started chatting I soon picked up her Sabahan accent! Ah … now her name made sense.

Bibi works for the High Court as a personal assistant to one of our esteemed judges. A very capable lady indeed!

She wanted a makeover to correct her crowded upper teeth and the spaces in her lower teeth.

Bibi before

I explained that the problem was her teeth were rather large sized for her small mouth.

To add to the problem, she had missing lower lateral anteriors so it really was a little complicated to give her the ideal smile.

We talked about her treatment options … we could do bridges to replace the missing teeth and place composite veneers where the gaps were smaller, or we could just correct it as best we can with composite veneers.

Much nicer, don't you agree?

I also suggested we do some re-contouring of the shape of her teeth to give her a ‘softer’ look.

Bibi said she’d consult her husband and call in again for her appointment … so I made a note as to what she preferred and said goodbye.

Today, Bibi came in again with her husband for moral support.

I started with a scaling … I explained I had to, as it didn’t make sense to create her beautiful smile without first getting her gums and teeth into tip top condition!

Bibi still has a gap but it's much smaller now and not noticeable

Once everything was sparkling clean, I said, “And now for some magic!” Bibi smiled.

Idayu and I worked as quickly as we could … the clinic was bustling as it was the school holidays.

Finally, we finished … Idayu passed her the mirror as I said, “There! I hope you like it!”

Bibi said, “Yes! It’s really different!” and smiled a beautiful smile.

We bluetoothed all the photos to her handphone before we printed her makeover albums … yes, all patients go home with instant ‘before’ and ‘after ‘ photos!

Bibi's gorgeous new smile!

I reminded her to come in after 2 weeks as I’d like to ‘tweak’ her smile just a bit more … and told her to eat as normal … she didn’t have to be extra careful .. just don’t eat stones, bones, metal and wood!!

Don’t forget Bibi … you need to eat as normal and come in anytime if you need some touch ups … the makeover has a 100% guarantee for 30 days … that’s about 120 regular meal times!!

I love making people beautiful!

I love creating beautiful smiles every day!

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