Roha’s New Smile

Roha's old crown really stood out

Roha had a toothache. She is an undergraduate in a local university and had met my son Shanaz. He gave her our clinic number so she made the appointment.

Roha and her friend Awin walked in yesterday. I asked her what she didn’t like about her smile because her appointment was for a makeover! Roha said she didn’t like the crown as it was too big and too white and bulky … whenever she smiled the crown was obvious and stood out.

It was only then did we find out that the crowned tooth was hurting her!! As our consultant, Dr Aws, was visiting us, I asked him to examine her too and when we took an xray it turned out that Roha’s crowned tooth needed root canal therapy … the tooth was dead and infected.

We started the root treatment and since Roha needed a new crown, we removed the old crown first. Nope, she didn’t need an injection and it did not hurt one bit.

It's still a temporary crown but already much nicer!

Once the root had been cleaned out and medicated, Roha still needed to come back for 2 more visits to complete the treatment. Her root had to be sealed before we could make her a new crown.

Before she left, I made her a temporary crown so she would be comfortable (and look nice!) between the visits necessary to complete the root canal therapy … I wasn’t about to recement the ugly old crown!!

So it was a sweet moment when we passed Roha the mirror … yes, it was only a temporary crown but it looked far, far nicer than the old one!

And her toothache? That’s gone too!!!

Roha got to get rid of her pain AND get a new smile all in one visit!

Now that’s a double bonus for Roha!

Don’t forget to come back in 2 weeks for the rest of your treatment, Roha … and don’t worry, you don’t need injections as it really doesn’t hurt!

Who says root canal therapy has to hurt? The whole idea for doing it is to remove pain, not give you pain!! 😉

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