Shy Amira gets a boost

Shy Amira before

Sometimes I get introduced to really, really shy people. Pn Sayati, a regular patient, made the appointment for her 19 year old daughter, Amira.

When Amira walked in to the clinic, I was struck with her shyness … Amira is a lovely girl but she hardly looked up when she said hello and I could hardly hear her voice!

Pn Sayati said that Amira had just finished her foundation studies and was waiting to be accepted into college.

I asked Amira what she wanted to change about her smile and she just smiled shyly at me. She finally said that she didn’t like the yellow discolourations in the front teeth and that they were uneven.

Now Amira's smiling!!

I explained to her that the teeth had hypocalcified areas which was why some places had stained yellow whilst there were also white patches here and there. I told her it was really easy to do but she also needed to do root treatment for one of her molars, which was a little complicated.

We talked about her chapped lips, they were really dry and sore and suggested tea tree oil or Vitamin E for them … meanwhile I promised I would make her smile beautiful!

It didn’t really take long at all … going slow (I wanted Amira to be really comfortable with us) it took only 45 mins before Amira was ready for the magic mirror!

Her eyes grew really large when she saw her reflection for the first time! And she broke into a smile, turned to her mother and smiled some more. It was a touching moment indeed.

As I said goodbye I reminded Amira of her promise to me … that she would smile often and practice talking to people … and yes, I’m going to check on her next week when she comes in for her second appointment for her root canal!

Way to go Amira … you are all set to make new friends when you go to college!! 😉

I got to be fairy godmother and sprinkle some magic dust today!

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