Hasniza’s new smile

Hasniza before

Hasniza is an accountant  … yes, but she works in the pharmacy of a medical facility in Kuala Lumpur. She came in yesterday with her sister who waited patiently in the sitting area, not knowing that Hasniza was there for a makeover.

I asked Hasniza what happened to her front tooth … she said she fell when she was little and it broke … she shrugged.

I told her I could make everything look pretty straight but the lower canine will probably need to be removed.

Her upper teeth was easy to do really, she just needed to have 4 composite veneers … it was the lowers that was going to be just a little tricky!

Hasniza's side view before

I could disguise her premolar to look like a canine pretty easily and even make the tooth that was hidden more forwards, I explained … but the canine, well, it was just too far down and besides it sort of pulled out her lip a bit.

Hasniza didn’t mind a bit … she was already mentally prepared as she knew if she was going to do braces (which wasn’t an option she wanted to take anyways) she’d probably need to remove 4 teeth!!!

Removing just one tooth was great news!

Hasliza's new smile ... gorgeous!

And the greater news was she’d walk out the clinic with her beautiful smile too!

I started with the upper teeth … it didn’t take long at all … and Hasniza didn’t ask me the usual question about it being painful too.

When I asked her how come she didn’t worry that it was going to be painful, she said, “I’ve read nearly all your posts on the blog!” I laughed.

It’s so nice to hear that people actually read this blog … sometimes I wonder if they do. I get a lot of feedback from my patients via email and the Facebook Page Dentist Malaysia when I post it there, but not many actually post there comments on the blog itself đŸ˜‰

Hasniza after the makeover but before we took out the canine

I always get from patients who walk in from reading the blog that they make the appointment because of the many photos and the comments from the patients … it’s so important … so I always ask people to comment so others get to read their feedback.

Hasniza was no different … when I finished both the uppers and lowers I asked her … so was it painful? She laughed … Nope!!! It didn’t hurt at all.

But she still needed to take out the canine.

I did that last and also told Hasniza she needed to come in again after a week or two, as I wanted to check on the border of the composite veneer there.

Hasniza's right side before

After we took out the tooth, Hasniza looked at me in shock … the extraction of the canine was painless too … what a relief.

The best part was her sister’s reaction when Hasniza walked out … she couldn’t believe her eyes!

And Hasniza?

Well she couldn’t believe her eyes either! đŸ˜‰

and she looked like she was about to cry … with joy!

All done!

I love my job …

I get to make people beautiful … and happy … every single day!

PS. I didn’t take photos of after the extraction yet … Hasniza, don’t forget I still need to tidy that little bit OK … I’ll see you in a few days.

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