Candy, Apple and Mdm Choy get their makeovers together

Apple goes first!

It isn’t often when I get an entire family come in together for their makeovers!

I had a mother and daughter get their makeovers many years ago. Candy, Apple and their mum Mdm Choy were referred to me by my friend and business associate from the BNI Ampang Chapter, Moon Chong.

Apple who was the most nervous, went first … she needed to bring forward a lower tooth and reshape her upper teeth .

Apple with her gorgeous smile!

She had a sight gap in her front top teeth and some discolouration as there were small cavities here and there. As she was the easiest to do, I had asked her to go first!

Apple also needed some fillings and a clean up … I had my work cut out for me … I did those first and then got the magic wand revved up!

Her sister, Candy, kept asking her if she was in pain … Apple kept shaking her head and giving her a thumbs up … no, no pain!

At Apple was done!!

Candy really wanted to sort out her lower teeth

We handed her the magic mirror and she jumped away to make room for Candy, whilst gazing at her new smile.

Candy was a little more challenging.

She was very nervous about doing the clean up … it had been painful when she did it at her previous dentist’s office … she soon relaxed as I started to work … I needed everything to be super clean first!!

Candy also had a tilted upper tooth … that was the easy bit. πŸ™‚

Fortunately she didn’t have any other cavities so I could just dive straight in and start the makeover!

What a huge difference for Candy

We did her uppers first whist her mum watched andΒ  chatted with her as I worked. She told me she was working with Bizzy Body the slimming company! No wonder she was so slim and pretty!!

Chatting with her, got Candy’s mind off her treatment … she only half believed it was painless even though she had watched Apple’s transformation.

Before too long she too was ready!

She waved to Apple who still was holding the mirror tight, looking at her makeover. πŸ˜‰ Candy wanted to see what she looked like! πŸ™‚

Mdm Choy had two protruding front teeth and long gaps.

Fortunately we have PLENTY of mirrors in the clinic … I just got her another so Apple didn’t have to give up looking at her reflection. Hahaha

So finally, it was Mdm Choy’s turn … Mdm Choy was the hardest to do really.

Her case was hard because her had a deep over jet and her lower teeth had lost a lot of bone so her teeth looked very long and had big gaps.

“Lower teeth are harder to do,” I explained to the ladies.

“Its difficult to control the lower lip away from my work area and the tongue keeps bathing the whole area with saliva which is bad news for my bonding agent! It’s like working in a swimming pool!”

Mdm Choy with her new smile!

They laughed … and were all excited to see how their mum would look.

I had to reduce the over jet first … and correct the patchy surface too. That wasn’t too hard really.

The lowers took longer, but Mdm Choy was the perfect patient which really helped. She sat still whilst her daughters watched each step and gave her encouragement.

When I finally finished, they cheered! They all got their Makeover Albums (three each for the different views) printed and got ready to go home and surprise the men in their family … their father Mr Choy and elder brother who, according to Apple, has perfect teeth.

Three beautiful ladies after their makeovers!

I said goodbye and reminded the ladies that they could eat anything except stones, bones and metal … not to open bottle caps with their teeth and to eat normally.

We took one last photo too … the three beautiful ladies with their gorgeous smiles!

Thank you, Moon!

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