Angie the Groom’s Mum gets her makeover

Angie before.

Angie came in with her future daughter-in-law, Karen. I had done a makeover for Karen some years ago and she had a bit of touching up to do before her wedding in June.

Karen walked in with her mother-in-law-to-be Angie. Angie looked so young I could hardly believe it! Whilst I did Karen’s makeover touch up (we opted to re-do everything for her big day in the end), Angie sat quietly and watched.

It was only when I finished did Karen say that Angie too wanted to correct her smile. All the time I was working with Karen, she didn’t smile or say a word so I didn’t have a clue!

Large gaps and discoloured borders aged Angie's smile

Angie asked if I could do something for her … when I examined her, wow, was I excited! I could do plenty!!!

Angie had gaps in her front upper teeth and the filling was so obvious as her teeth were discoloured.

I suggested 4 composite veneers for her uppers.

Her lowers were going to be more tricky … there were plenty of gaps and the teeth were rather small too.

The gum borders had stained badly so the overall smile aged her! Her two front teeth in the lower jaw had chipped too.

Wow! What a difference!

We discussed the treatment plan … we could do a whitening to brighten up all her teeth first but well, if I chose a lighter shade of composite, I told Angie, we’d probably get an overall whiter smile anyway as I planned to do most of her lower teeth.

Angie said OK … we would just go with the makeover first … she could always do a whitening later anyway.

I chatted with Angie and Karen as I worked.

Karen used to dive so we talked about diving in Bali … she saw the elusive Mola Mola on one of her dive trips .. I haven’t seen them yet as my last trip diving in Bali was more for the wreck dive in Tulamben and wall dives in Menjangan … sigh, talking about diving made me begin to long to breathe compressed air again! 😉

Gorgeous! The mother of the groom, Angie.

We talked about her up coming wedding and the preparations. As we talked I was struck at what a wonderfully close relationship Karen had with her mother-in-law-to-be, Angie.

It’s so nice to be friends with your mother-in-law … and a close friendship like theirs is rare indeed and lovely to watch.

Angie sat quietly whilst I worked and added in a comment or two here and there as the minutes went by.

We finished after a little more than an hour … Angie and Karen very kindly let me treat a family of 3 kids in between doing the upper and lower jaws, so Angie got a short break too!

Gaps before the magic.

The best part was Angie never once asked if it was painful, nor did she doubt Karen’s confidence in me.

I laughed when I told Karen it was more important for me to do a very good job for KAREN’s sake … it was Karen that persuaded her mum-in-law to let me do my magic … imagine if I didn’t deliver the gorgeous smile … I would be letting down Karen!

We all laughed at that … it was such a sweet moment to acknowledge the trust and faith Karen has in our promise to deliver an excellent experience … good isn’t good enough … we were aiming for excellence and wow-ing Angie!

Beautiful from all angles!

When we finished … Dayu passed the mirror to Angie. Karen and I sat back to see Angie’s expression.

Angie was delighted!

She looked so beautiful!

We printed the photos for the Makeover Albums for Angie to take home. Karen was surprised that the photos were printed on the spot, and placed in the albums for them.

Angie and Karen, the wonderful mum and daughter

I hadn’t bought the printer when she first did her makeover so it was a nice surprise.

I took one last photo before they left … Angie and her daughter Karen … don’t they look beautiful!

Thank you Karen for bringing your mum-in-law-to-be for her makeover.

… and congratulations on your up coming wedding!

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11 years ago

Btw.. my father also visited you this morning.. I was so surprise to see his beautiful teeth too..!! Thank you sweetie for the wonderful work you have blessed me n my family..!! XOXO..!! 😀

11 years ago

Hi Dr Fauziah! Thanks for the time and magic you have did for me and my MIL 😀 We are so glad and happy that we can have a big and confident smile now.. always love your miracle works!!

12 years ago

wow! it looks impossible n the result was “@_@”, unbelievable..
Good job doc!