Rachel’s New Smile

Rachel before

Rachel a 23 year old auditor, who just stepped into the career world, visited us in Menara EON Bank branch on Saturday.

What she pointed out to me was the hole she had on her upper front tooth. Upon examination, I asked her if she would like to change her smile as a whole. Immediately she gave a big YES !

Rachel before

I showed her some of the before and after pictures, and all she had to ask was how it is done as it looked like magic! I smiled, and told her she could have a beautiful smile too . She agreed and we started immediately.

Rachel had her right canine ‘ectopic’, her left canine trapped behind her lower tooth (crossbite), and crowded upper teeth.

After an hour and a half, I showed her the mirror, and there she was with a wide grin. Tired she was, but she went back happy with her new smile she always wanted. I was just too happy that she trusted me to give her that smile, and yes, I did go back with a big smile too.

Rachel after

Thank you Rachel, and looking forward to see you on your next appointment for the lower teeth make over.

By Dr Kayethri Maniam

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