Affy flies in from Jeddah

Affy before

Affy stumbled upon our blog whilst surfing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia! He’s Malaysian working in Jeddah as an accountant in the food industry.

He emailed me and sent a photo asking for advice and a quotation. We also communicated on the FB Page Dentist Malaysia and set up the appointment.

Affy came in straight off his flight into KL! Wow!

He was the last patient for the day so we could take our time really fussing over his smile ….

From the side

Affy said he had completed his orthodontics just before he left for Jeddah and the dentist had veneered his teeth then.

But he wasn’t happy with the results as there was still gaps and his teeth were uneven.

It was easy!

All Affy needed was a clean up, 5 composite veneers for the top (there was a gap next to his canine) and two below for a really beautiful smile …. and yes it would take less than an hour too!


His front tooth was chipped and slightly discoloured but composite veneers would sort that out.

Affy asked me the million dollar question, “You are sure it won’t be painful and I won’t need injections, right?”

I laughed, “Nope! No injections … It’s absolutely painless!”

So we started ….

It really didn’t take too long to sort out his gaps and even out his teeth.

Affy and I chatted about working in Saudi as I did my magic.


He asked about Zoom! Whitening too … I told him he could do it later and I’d correct any colour/shade changes in the veneers for free so he needn’t worry about doing veneers first.

We soon finished and Affy was ready for the magic mirror!

Wow! What a difference! … yes, Affy was happy with the results!

Don’t forget Affy, no eating stones, bones, metal or wood … and remember not to tear plastic bags with your teeth too OK 😉

See you soon for your Zoom! Whitening … your teeth are straight and have no gaps now … and soon they will be dazzling too!

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