Nahar gets a new smile

Nahar before

Nahar’s elder brother, Dr Nadzri had his makeover done last October.

This time it was Nahar’s turn!

He traveled from Johor where he was working, as his brother had told him that he could get a new smile.

Nahar said he had a week off before he had to go back to work again.

I asked him what he wanted done before I gave my recommendations.

Nahar replied that he wasn’t sure how exactly wanted me to proceed … he just came in to the clinic as his brother said I could do it.

Veneers done ... now for the dentures

Wow! I was stunned for a minute!

Nahar was here sitting in my dental chair purely because he trusted his brother’s word that I could transform his smile.

We discussed my treatment plan … I had to complete everything by Friday as Nahar was leaving to return to work during the weekend … I had 5 days to complete everything!

The treatment plan was to do 2 composite veneers for Nahar’s front teeth to close the rather large gap first before I tooth the necessary models for upper and lower dentures.

Nahar now!

This would mean the dental technician would have an easier time fabricating the dentures as the spaces would be corrected.

Then on Wednesday I would do a trail fitting of his dentures to make sure Nahar likes the arrangement of the teeth, the colour and size too.

If he gives the go ahead, we then send it back to the technician to get the final dentures on Friday … that’s today!

You should of seen Nahar’s face when we issued the dentures … he looked as if he couldn’t believe his eyes!

He said, “I think I’m dreaming!” with a wide, wide grin.

Nope, Nahar, you aren’t … your transformation is no dream!

Just wait til his co-workers see the new Nahar on Monday.

They won’t believe their eyes either! 😉

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12 years ago

Dr. I love your job, really!