Hanapi travels from Kemaman for his makeover

Hanapi before

Hanapi found this blog and emailed me with his photo some time ago. He came in today with his mum and younger sister from Kemaman, Trengganu, that’s a good 300km!

He was the last patient for the day and waited patiently whilst I finished up with a couple who had traveled all the way from Singapore for their dental check ups and treatment … wow! talk about having patients from the east and south today!

I couldn’t remember exactly when he wrote to me but when I examined him, I told him I’d need to do 4 composite veneers … he nodded, yes, that’s exactly what I had written in reply.

From the side

Hanapi had fractured two front teeth in an accident several years ago and they were kind of jutting forward … the lateral incisors were tucked behind the fronts so I explained I’d need to do all four.

Sometimes we think just doing two front teeth is all we need, but when we take the overall smile, we need to do the side teeth as well … you see when someone looks at you it may be from the left and right sides … so just doing two front teeth may not do the job to make the overall picture look balanced.

It’s the same with the bottom teeth … people look at us as we talk, so what they see is not just the fronts of our teeth but also the biting edge!

A very happy Hanapi

Hanapi was not surprised when I said he needed 4 composite veneers.

Nor was he surprised when I said his darkened tooth probably was dead and may need root treatment.

I still could do his makeover for him but he may have to do the root treatment in Kemaman as it would require at least 3 visits.

Hanapi said he understood … I could make the teeth look neater and correct the fractured shape and reduce the jutting out ‘look’.

We went immediately into action as Hanapi had a long drive back home again!

So much neater now

It took less than half an hour … we were only going to do his upper teeth this round … but I promised to neaten the lowers as well hor him

When he took his first look in the mirror Hanapi was speechless!

I was worried for a bit … didn’t he like it?

Hanapi smiled and smiled wider … he was soooo happy!

We printed out the Makeover Album (with the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos) for him as he showed off his new smile to his mother.

She couldn’t believe that it didn’t hurt …

Or that I didn’t use injections …

Or that I didn’t remove his teeth or push them into a different place.

She examined her son Hanapi closely and said, ” I can’t tell what you did! Hanapi just looks different somehow.”

The long drive to Kuala Lumpur was worth it then … I am so pleased they were very satisfied with the makeover.

I reminded Hanapi that the makeover was 100% guaranteed for atleast 100 meals or 1 month … he could eat anything (except well, stones/bones/metal/wood) and if he manages to break anything I’ll re-do it for free.

We said goodbye and off Hanapi went … back to Kemaman … with his dream smile! 😉

I love my job!

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Rosli jaafar
Rosli jaafar
11 years ago

Salam dr,
Saya dr kemaman, ayah saudara kepada hanapi. Perlu buat temujanji dulu ke sebelum datang ke klinik. Saya akan kerja di labuan hari khamis ini selama dua bulan, boleh tak sekiranya dr pertimbangkan untuk saya lakukan treatment ini pada hari esok atau lusa.
Terima kasih di atas keluangan masa dr membalas email ini.