Nadia’s new smile

Nadia before

Nadia was a referral from a patient who lives in Australia, Imelda.

Nadia who also lives in Perth stopped over in Kuala Lumpur for a few days in transit to her holiday in Penang.

Taking the opportunity, Imelda emailed me to set up the appointment for her friend Nadia for a makeover.

Nadia and her husband, Don, came in first thing in the morning … I had a few hours to do her makeover before they fly off to Penang for the next leg of their holiday in Malaysia.

Nadia before

Nadia explained that she had diabetes which ran in her family, when I examined her.

“Aaah,’ I said, “that explains why despite your relatively good dental hygiene, the teeth are moving and some teeth are shaky!”

I explained to them how periodontitis (that’s the inflammation of her gums in dental-speak) takes hold and what I was going to do (clean up the deep calculus) so that she could maintain her gums and teeth well.

The 'new' Nadia!

I told her that the makeover would actually make it easier for her to keep everything in check.

I started up with a good clean up first and chatted with both Nadia and Don whilst I worked.

It turned out that they run a dry cleaning business back in Perth! We talked about living in Perth and how different the world is with all the technology that is available these days.

I had my work cut out for me as Nadia’s gums bled so easily … sigh, I would have to be very diligent as the bleeding messes up my magic wand …

Nadia after the makeover

Nadia did not have any pain at all as her gums bled even when she brushed her teeth but it meant I had to work much slower than I normally could as I had to be extra careful.

I fussed over her makeover too as Nadia and Don were not going to be passing through KL on their way back to Perth.

I had to make sure she’d be OK and could eat normally as i wasn’t going to have a second chance to adjust anything before she returns to Australia!

At last I finished …

“I feel so strange!” Nadia said.

I explained that she would feel strange … “shape shock” we call it … because her lips and tongue were used to gaps and spaces … but it will last for only a day or two.

Don couldn’t believe his eyes! “What did you do?” he asked smiling.

I said, “It was done just with composite veneers. No pulling out of teeth, or shifting teeth, that’s why there were no injections or pain!”

Nadia and he had to rush back to their hotel to get their bags and catch their plane to Penang, so we said our quick goodbyes and off they went.

I think Nadia was still in shock!

She looks gorgeous with her new smile!!

Thank you Imelda and thank you Nadia and Don … I hope your makeover is just one of the highlights of your first holiday in Malaysia! 😉

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