Fieza gets her smile in time for her wedding

Fieza before

Fieza’s friend Hasniza had her makeover done first! It was Fieza who found this blog but Hasniza beat her to getting her makeover!

So when Hasniza told her it was painless and showed her brand new smile to Fieza, she made her appointment and checked out the clinic location on Sunday to make sure she would be on time and not get lost.

Fieza came in today with her good friend and ex-roommate Inaz.

She needed the moral support as she was very nervous.

The bride-to-be Fieza now!

I told Fieza that she would need to re-do some fillings besides the 4 composite veneers to create the beautiful smile.

Fieza had what we dentists call an ‘open bite’, that is her upper teeth don’t touch her lowers … that added to her discoloured teeth.

It wasn’t too difficult … just a little tricky as I needed to balance the shapes of her teeth so they’d look natural without looking over long.

I chatted with Elsa whilst Fieza had her makeover done … that was when I was told they both were about to get married next month!

And within a week of each other too!

Talk about best friends having similar experiences together!

When we were done Fieza smiled delightedly at Inaz …no more discoloured teeth and no more gaps!!!

I just had to tease Elsa, “Fieza has her beautiful smile all ready for her wedding!”

Congratulations Fieza!

Your’e going to be a stunningly beautiful bride! 😉

And thank you Hasniza for referring Fieza and reassuring her that she’ll be ok, that helped plenty. 😉

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