Zul’s makeover

Zul before

Zul is a very busy executive! He had to squeeze in the time to have his usual clean up before flying off to London for work.

After we did the clean up, Zul asked if I could improve his smile.

His front teeth were a little protruded and spaces had begun to show up as his gums had receded.

“It isn’t hard to do really.” I told him.

“I just need to reshape things a little … why not come back in when you return to Malaysia and we’ll sort it out once and for all.”


Zul agreed and we booked in the appointment.

Sometimes a smile just needs a little tweaking to make a huge difference.

In Zul’s case, I also changed the colour of his smile so not only did the gaps and slight protrusion disappear but he had an instant ‘whiter’ smile too!

When Zul saw his new smile he was super pleased!

Zul’s smile after the makeover says it all!

I love my job … I get to create beautiful smiles every day …. yes, every single day! 😉

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