Sheila gets her makeover before she migrates

Sheila before

Sheila is about to join her husband in Australia. A newly-married bride, Sheila was excited about starting life anew down under with her architect husband.

She’s planning to leave at the end of the month and will return again in August for her brother’s wedding.

Sheila has a huge generous smile and unfortunately her lower teeth were quite uneven, which made her a tad self-conscious whenever she smiled.

Sheila considered having braces done … I explained that it was going to be really hard for her to find an orthodontist who would continue with her treatment if she started with placing the brackets here …

The new Sheila!

After much discussion, I told her that I’d “show” her how she’d look like if she decided on correcting her smile with composite veneers.

I explained to her that I would create her smile with composites but I would not ‘prepare’ her teeth first … this means that she could see the end result and then I could remove the veneers as they were not bonded on yet.

I took her ‘before’ photos … did the mock and gave her the mirror.


A side view

Sheila decided then and there to go for composite veneers! 😉

Today, Sheila came in for her makeover … she had taken the morning off and planned to go to work later with her brand new dream smile.

She settled down and I started with her uppers ….

They were pretty straight forward to do so hardly took any time at all!

The lowers were harder … they always are as the teeth are smaller and slimmer … there’s also the tighter space because of the lip and tongue.

Doesn't Sheila look good?!!

Her lowers took a lot longer than her uppers … but the best part was she didn’t need any injections as there was absolutely no pain!

I checked and re-checked her biting surfaces … a thorough polish and shine later … then at last she was ready for the magic mirror.

“I’m going to smile wide when I Skype with my husband tonight.” she laughed.

“It’s going to be a surprise as I just told him I’m going to see the dentist.”

Ah … and smile wide when you go to work to Sheila!

The person who referred Sheila to us was one of her staff!!

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