Haspah gets her smile

Haspah on Monday

Haspah is about to be married!

This bubbly young lady had searched for a dentist to sort out her smile but kept coming up with the same answer.

“It’s too difficult.” The dentists told Haspah, “You’ll need to take out many teeth and will need to go without teeth for 3 months!”

Poor Haspah was shattered.

She is about to get married to Mukhzaini in a few months!

Haspah had many overlapping teeth

She finally found our blog and wrote in … but I did not reply her! We were in Bangkok for our clinic celebration trip.

Haspah posted on the Facebook Page that she had tried to contact us … fortunately a patient wrote a post saying that the entire Team was away and we’d back on Monday.

Sorry again Haspah .. I did place signage in all our clinics a month earlier but forgot to post one on the Facebook Page! … duh, silly me.

Anyway, Haspah finally got in touch with us last week and came in on Monday with her fiance.

Hapsah 4 days after our consultation

I took a look at her and said that she had a difficult case (!!!). Haspah sighed, “Yes I know, I have been to many dentists and they all say they can’t help.”

“I work in the front-line talking to people all the time and I am about to get married too! My fiance doesn’t mind my smile but I am very self conscious when ever I smile.” She said.

“And I think it’s getting worse!”

Haspah is in her early twenties … “I really, really want to help her get her dream smile!” I thought to myself.

Hapsah today

I took a deep breathe and told her that doing orthodontics for her was going to be a very tricky and long process … her gums were not in good shape, some of her teeth were mobile/moving too.

Braces may make everything worse for a while.

The tilt of her front teeth was way too far to do anything with veneers … crowning her teeth will not help her gums or reduce the bone formation … sigh.

I told her that I felt she should consider taking out her front teeth … yes, it was drastic but well, her teeth were so shaky and would probably not survive braces.

Haspah before ... on Monday

Haspah looked straight at me and said, “Yes, I know … I am ready to take them out.”

That’s when she told me that the other dentists told her it would take 3 months before she could have dentures made … meanwhile she had to go toothless!

I told her that it was not necessary … that I promised her that she would have a beautiful smile immediately … but I had to do both her upper teeth and lower teeth at the same time.

I promised her that I would craft the smile for her myself and make sure the technician does a beautiful job … I so, so, so understand how big a decision it is for her.

It’s HUGE step for Haspah … I am so present to how much trust she is placing in me to deliver my promise.

Haspah now

Today was the big day.

Today, just 4 days from the first time we met and discussed the treatment options, Haspah got her dream smile.

She was so, so nervous … Mukhzaini was there too, to give her moral support.

We did everything in just 30 minutes.

When Haspah saw her reflection in the mirror she began to cry … I wanted to cry too … she was so happy.

Haspah finally got her dream smile.

Thank you Haspah for trusting in me.

Thank you. 😉

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11 years ago

salam dr.

may i know how much the cost??

12 years ago

My mother and I are interested..

12 years ago

I am the father of Mukhzani . Insyaallah the father in law of Haspah . I am really amazed with the courage shown by Haspah . To take out 9 teeth . Amazing. I don’t know if I could do it. People are taboo with Dentist . It is the last option although how pain our tooth is. . I am really happy for Haspah. Finally the smile on her face . I my self in my fifties , some of my teeth are shaking . Old age aah. I am already wearing gigi palsu for some of the teeth.… Read more »

12 years ago

WOW!! Another awesome/amazing achievement Dr.Fay! I bet she’ll be the happiest person/brides to-be now. I’m happy for her too. Btw that reminds me that I have to make an appointment to see u n getting my teeth fixed…hehe…:D

12 years ago

Hi Dr.Fauziah, as usual you have a great job for Haspah, whose big day is coming.
Well done.