Beth travels from Brisbane,Australia

Beth and I

Some weeks ago, Beth, a lovely lady from Australia emailed me with some questions about dental treatment.

She had found us whilst searching on the net for a dentist to do several crowns that she needed done.

I emailed her back, explaining to her how she needed at least 2 visits to the clinic to do crowns. The visits needed a week in between … if she saw us on a Monday (it would be a 90 minute appointment) the next appointment would be the following Monday for about 30 minutes.

I also wrote her how much crowns would cost (RM900 for a porcelain bonded to metal crown).

She emailed me back to set an appointment a month later!

In the second week of May. Beth turned up for her appointment …. she is an amazing lady! She had traveled all that distance just to get her dental treatment done and since she was here in Malaysia, had booked in a relaxing holiday in Tioman Island to just chill, read and relax.

Yesterday Beth came in for her second appointment. We completed 2 crowns and a 3-unit bridge!

The best part is Beth said the cost of the whole treatment was actually the same amount she would have paid if she had just ONE crown done in Australia!


Thank you Beth for your trust and faith in us.

I am glad you had an amazing holiday

….. and got to get your dental treatment done all in one swoop. 😉

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Beth Nairn
Beth Nairn
11 years ago

All I can say is ” thank you ”
My teeth have never felt or looked better than they do now.
Your calm , supportive, professional way was amazing and you and your staff made me feel comfortable and , for someone who tensed the minute I was in a dentist chair , relaxed.
It is so great to have found someone who has a passion for dentistry.
I will be back !