Siti gets her smile

Siti before

Siti works in a local university in their Medical Faculty. She was referred to us by one of our patients Rohaidawati who had recently done her makeover in time for her wedding (See Rohaidawati prepares for her wedding ).

Siti asked me if she could correct her tilted tooth, “It’s just that one tooth.” she said.

I told her that to do so I needed to do 3 composite veneers even if it looked like there was only one to do.

Before the makeover

I explained how her adjacent teeth was actually slightly tilted too but it was her one front tooth that was most prominent … to get a good result I had to do all three.

I did a mock-up for her so she could see what I meant.

She then asked me if she should do braces.

I explained to Siti that she could correct the tilted tooth with braces for sure! But this way could mean she may have to wait 2 years for the results and spend more than 7 times the amount to correct it through braces!

less than 45 minutes later

3 composite veneers would cost her only RM750 and it would be done in less than 45 minutes! Braces cost RM5500 and would take up to 2 years!

I was flabbergasted at her question …. I admit I was totally shocked … I guess it is because I do these makeovers every single day …. and it was because Siti’s case was so, so, so, so easy that her question shocked me! 😉

Sorry Siti. I forgot that you, as a patient, don’t come across this sort of work normally.

No injections, no pain

I forgot that the usual/common/automatic solution to all crowded teeth is braces … I forgot that most people don’t believe that it can be done easily, painlessly, fast and cost so little.

I forgot … and I apologise for seeming so shocked.

So Siti after seeing the mock-up decided to let me do my magic.

Yes, it took less than 45 minutes.

Yes, it was only 3 composite veneers.

Yes, it’s permanent and lasts …. I reminded her that it was guaranteed for a whole month which roughly means 100 different meal times eating different kinds of food … hot/cold/spicy/hard/soft/sticky/chewy etcetc.

The one month guarantee makes sure that the composite veneers are finished properly and will be fine … I undertake to correct/redo/adjust any of our work for free for the whole month.

Yes, there were no injections.

Siti was amazed at how she looked after her makeover!

I think we took longer talking before the makeover than the time it took to do it! 😉

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