Bella gets her dream smile

Bella before

Bella and her son Emir Haiqarl together with Bella’s brother, Danial, came in yesterday for a consultation.

Little Emir is such a charmer! A delightful boy with a huge beautiful smile, he answered questions readily like a little grown up … he’s only 4 years old.

She was visiting her brother Danial, a fitness coach.

She told me that she showed him our blog during dinner one day and he said to go ahead and make the appointment, so Bella emailed us.

Bella had tilted teeth and gaps

When she walked in, shy Bella asked if I could do something for her … oh yes! Of course I could!

Bella just needed a good clean up and then 4 composite veneers … I explained that the gaps and tilted teeth were easy to do.

Bella looked a little doubtful so I offered to do a mock-up of the makeover, reminding her that in the mock-up I don’t prepare or work on the teeth, other than to place the composite material on it.

This meant the mock-up would give her a very good idea of how she would look like with composite veneers and I could see how much work I’d need to do.

45 minutes later

Once I had done the mock-up, Bella turned to Danial, her brother, and smiled … “Yes! Let’s do it!”, she looked to him for his encouragement.

Danial asked if it would take long … “Nope, Bella would be done in 45 minutes.” I said.

So we started and revved up the magic wand.

As we worked I asked Danial about being a fitness instructor. We chatted about gyms and coaching … and the flexible work schedule being a personal fitness coach allows.

Bella now

Emir, meanwhile, was an angel … he sat with his uncle and explained to me why he didn’t go to school yet … he was too little!

When it was time to pass the mirror to Bella for her to see her new smile, I knew it was a big moment.

Bella took a deep breathe, turned the mirror around and burst into tears!

We hugged each other as she thanked me … Bella got her dream smile at long last.

It’s a very emotional moment.

I realise that it’s because that patients deep, deep down in their hearts, don’t believe that the makeovers are possible … not for them, personally, at least.

People don’t believe that it can be done … so easily and so fast, too.

Bella and Emir ... isn't he cute!

People don’t really believe that the makeovers are real … “it can’t be true” they tell themselves.

But because there are so, so many photos and posts and comments on the blog and Facebook, my patients find the courage and put their trust in me.

When they see their makeover smile for the first time, it’s like a rush of happiness, relief,  and joy … what they have longed for is theirs now … at last.

I am so grateful that I can do this and make so many happy.

I am grateful for the opportunity to make such a difference to people.

Thank you God … and thank you Bella for allowing me to do my magic!

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