Atikah’s Amazing Makeover

Atikah before

Atikah is an undergraduate in a local university. She is from Kelantan and has been studying in Kuala Lumpur … she just completed her last semester!

Atikah had removed a front tooth when she was little. He remaining front tooth was so, so brittle as it was dead and discoloured. I warned Atikah that it could break very easily.

She had to make the time and effort to do her root canal treatment as soon as possible!

Atkah from the side

Atikah also has, what we dentists in dentist-speak 😉 say, an open bite … this means that when she places her teeth together and bite naturally, her front teeth don’t touch or overlap.

Her lower teeth we splayed out a little which made her open bite even more obvious!

We discussed the treatment plan … I told her I could do the composite veneers first to make her smile much more beautiful (that’s my job! yay!!!) but she must do her root canal treatment for the dead tooth and then crown it as soon as she can.

The good news is, we can do the composite veneering first and make it look good, even before Atikah does her root canal treatment.

Atikah agreed … she just had a small step in her course to do then she’d have the time to come for the necessary visits.

“Root canal treatment is not painful … the tooth is already dead, we need to seal the root and put in a titanium post fast so the whole tooth does not break”, I said.

Atikah is an engineering undergraduate! She understood what I said and the urgency needed. Whew!

Doesn't Atikah look great now?!

Whilst I prepared the tooth … the tooth broke! What a fortunate thing for Atikah! I could immediately place the supports and build up the tooth again! She was lucky it happened in the clinic and not when she was in the campus!

It didn’t take a lot of time even with the extra work needed to build up the broken tooth and re-shaping the small lateral to look like a central incisor.

Soon Atikah was ready for the mirror!

Her best friend Norshidawani was there beside her when she had her first glimpse of her new beautiful smile.

What a difference!

Atikah told me that it was going to be a surprise for her mother who was returning from doing her Umrah in a few days.

Enjoy your smile Atikah …. but don’t forget to do the root treatment OK.

I promise it will be as painless as your incredible makeover!

See you soon!

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12 years ago

doc… my mum really surprise after seeing me.. very amazing, good job.. she loves and very happy.. thank you doc..