Sukhbir’s beautiful smile

Sukhbir before

Sukhbir found our Facebook Page, Dentist Malaysia some months ago. She is about to be married in two months time!

“I wanted to call your clinic earlier but I am so afraid of dentists! I read all the comments and saw all the photos. I kept delaying, and delaying … finally I just told myself to do it! So I sent that message to you asking for an appointment.” said Sukhbir.

I had replied her on FB, making an appointment for her to do a quick consultation … luckily Sukhbir called up the clinic herself and made an appointment with enough time for me to do the makeover today.

It's the canine that stuck out

I asked her if she was considering braces. “No, I definitely don’t want to do braces,”she said, “They will want to take out 4 teeth and it takes so long!”

I agreed with her. “Yes, braces are the traditional way to correct teeth but it really isn’t the only way.”

“Whether braces is an option depends on so many factors: your age, what you work as, whether there is an urgency like the fact your wedding ceremony is in 2 months, the cost etc etc.”

Sukhbir's canine is still there but everything else is nice

I told Sukhbir that I could do the makeover pretty easily for the upper teeth but the lowers was going to be a bit of a challenge … the canine on her lower tooth will be difficult to disguise! The cost of her makeover was less than half the cost of braces … and she’d go home transformed today!

When we discussed her treatment options, I suggested we just do 5 composite veneers on her upper teeth and 5 on her lowers … I said only after we finish the makeover, I’d like her to think about if she’d want to remove the canine.

I recommended she take a few days to think about it … and if she wanted me to remove the canine, I’ll re-do the veneers near the canine area so it will all look even and straight … and there will be no extra charges too.

After ... everything is neat now

The reason why I wanted her to be sure, is purely because removing the canine and making the premolar look like a canine is not the regular-type treatment option that is most common … but it would give her the results she wanted! She wouldn’t have to wait 2 years for her beautiful smile!

All the other teeth were super easy to do!

As always Sukhbir asked, “Is it going to hurt?”

I laughed, “Not at all! You don’t need injections and I’ll be finished in 90 minutes … I promise!”

All pretty now and ready for her big day!

So we started … we chatted about her upcoming marriage and I told her a little known fact .. that I had taken Punjabi lessons to read and speak ages ago!

It really didn’t take long before I passed her the magic mirror.

Sukhbir was delighted,”Oh my! It’s soooo nice!”

This is always the best part of each makeover 😉

I told her there were some things to watch out for … namely, for the next few days she’s going to keep looking in the mirror to admire her new smile! And that the canine was going to bother her even more. 😉

“I’m going to smile a lot at my wedding!”

Yes, she will … Sukhbir’s engagement photos were all pics of her smiling with her mouth closed!

Now she can show off a beautiful smile fit for the beautiful bride!

Congratulations Sukhbir!! 😉

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