Emes’ Challenge

Emes needed a combination of work

Emes wrote to us on the FB Page Dentist Malaysia. He asked if he needed to make an appointment as he was working in Johor so he would have to drive about 3 hours or so to get to the clinic.

I answered his post saying that we’d definitely see him when he comes in but it would be better to make an appointment especially if he needed a makeover.

On Saturday, Lyn told me that Emes had called and his appointment was today.

I was looking forward to seeing Emes. It’s always somewhat a challenge to treat someone who traveled so far for a makeover … you see, I don’t know what to expect and how difficult (or easy!) the case may be!

We needed to close gaps and re-size teeth

I always aim to do as much as I can to give them their dream smile in that first visit … after all it’s not exactly easy to come back again and again … come to think of it, it never is easy to return several times for dental treatment, is it? 😉

Anyway, Emes turned out to be quite a challenge!

He needed several composite veneers and an immediate bridge as his front tooth was mobile and wasn’t going to last very long.

His teeth were very large and had many gaps too. He also needed to replace back teeth that had been removed earlier.

Emes now

Wow! And to make things even more complicated, Emes has a very busy job meeting and being in highly powered discussions with business people.

He needed to have a confident smile!

We discussed a treatment plan that would mean Emes leaves the clinic today with a nice smile.

He would still need to return twice more but I wanted him to go back to Johor smiling!

Now Emes can smile!

Emes told me how many of his friends had found the FB Page Dentist Malaysia and had encouraged him to come in for a makeover …. yes, I accept the challenge!

I was determined to do some magic for Emes.

We revved up the magic wand and started work … Emes was the perfect patient! He just sat back and let me do my stuff.

As I worked, I told Emes how he reminded me of another patient who needed his smile ‘tweaked’ as he was going on television.

Emes before

I explained to Emes that his teeth were naturally large … I couldn’t ‘shrink’ them but I could realign them so they would look nicer when he smiled … Emes understood.

“As long as it isn’t painful, doc. I’m in your hands.” he said.

So I started with his lower teeth and realigned them.

Then I worked on his uppers … finally I took the necessary impressions to get ready for his next trip.

“Tadaah! I’m done!” I said when I had finished polishing everything.

Emes still needs to fill in the back teeth though

“Wow! You are a genius, doc! I can hardly believe it!” Emes was smiling!!

Yes, I was happy with the result! It wasn’t an easy case, too.

We printed his ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pics for his makeover album and made the next appointment for two weeks later.

“I’ll remember, no bones and stones.” Emes said … he’s read my blog obviously! 😉

“Yes, and not metal too … I mean don’t decide to open bottle caps with your teeth OK.” I reminded him.

Enjoy your smile Emes!

And thank you for coming all that way to see us for your beautiful smile!


Today Emes came in for stage 2 of his amazing makeover.

Emes told us that he had received several sms-es asking him to ‘smile’! His many friends had seen this post!

Emes’ makeover has inspired many of them to come in for their own treatment … some for just clean-ups some for makeovers … this is so inspiring.

Thank you Emes for your generosity in allowing us to post your makeover … you have helped others to move towards their own beautiful smiles too!

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