Inazatul’Ain’s turn for her makeover.

Large gaps and a darkened tooth

Inazatul’Ain wanted to have her smile made beautiful too! Her friends and colleagues had hers done some weeks ago …. Rohaidawati had hers done just in time for wedding (See Rohaidawati’s makeover) and Siti (See Siti’s makeover)

They all work in University Malaya Medical Centre in various capacities and are really close friends.

It all started with Rohaidawati who wanted a beautiful smile for her wedding. Braces was out of the question as there just wasn’t enough time (it takes about 2 years to move things into place!)

Gaps and the darkened tooth was tilted down too

Her sister told her to check us out and the rest is history! Rohaidawati got her beautiful smile for her big day.

Rohaidawati referred Siti to us …. and Siti referred her friends … who referred their friends … I admit I often don’t get the chance to put up all the makeovers (there are so many and I feel I might bore you!) on this blog.

I always ask permission to place the Before and After pics … it goes a long way to actually show that these makeovers can be done

… that it only takes minutes (45 minutes on the average)

No more gaps!

… that it really doesn’t hurt … there’s no need for injections. I always joke that if patients want pain,  I would have to charge extra 20% as it’s hard to make the makeovers painful! 😉

… and that it lasts and lasts, as long as you care for them with the usual brushing and visiting your dentist every 4-6 months for the routine cleaning and polishing … and of course don’t start eating really hard stuff that will probably break your teeth anyway, like stones/bones/and metal!

… the best part is, it’s incredibly affordable … it’s only RM250 for a composite veneer.

Much nicer ... we need to do the lowers in Stage 2

But I digress …

Inazatul’ Ain needed to close gaps … her teeth are small compared to her jaw size … we call this a tooth-arch disproportion … big words in medic-dental speak! 😉

I explained to her that she also will need to crown her tooth with a post crown as the tooth was dead (hence the blackened colour) and was becoming brittle.

Inazatul’Ain had aleady done her root treatment so the tooth was not giving any problems like getting infected but as the tooth was getting brittle she really needed to strengthen the root with a titanium post and then crown it.

Tops done ... next will be the bottoms

Meanwhile I assured her that I could close the gaps and create a beautiful smile (even disguise the dark tooth a little) with the composite veneers first.

We discussed the treatment plan and settled on just doing her upper teeth first … we’re going to do stage 2, her lower teeth later.

And so we started whilst Inazatul’Ain’s friend Hasniza, who accompanied her, watched.

It was pretty easy and so before long Inazatul’Ain was smiling wide!

I joked with Hasniza that she’d need to support Inazatul’Ain over the next few days, “She’ll ask you ‘Is is nice? Does my smile look good?’ Just say ‘Yes’ OK”, we all laughed!

Inazatul’Ain couldn’t stop looking in the mirror!

I reminded Inazatul’ Ain that she still needed to do her crown and post for the dead tooth as we said goodbye.

Until we meet again, Inazatul’Ain … enjoy your new smile! And thank you Siti for referring you friends!

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