Yvonne’s new smile by Dr. Kayethri

Yvonne before

Yvonne is a 31 year old wedding photographer. She was referred to our clinic by her friend cum partner in business, Shafiq, who did a makeover with us.

At the first meeting, Yvonne presented as a warm person despite having a fear for dentists, as almost everyone has.

As a wedding photographer,she meets clients on a daily basis, and a

Yvonne before

beautiful smile was crucial for her. Her main concern was the crowded upper teeth and the spacing on her lower teeth. Yvonne was not interested in wearing braces, and was seeking a painless solution for her condition.

I broke her treatment plan into two, which consisted of a whitening treatment and  4 composite veneers

for the upper teeth as the first part. The second part of the treatment was for 5 veneers for her lower teeth. Yvonne had a slightly complicated biting pattern, what we call as reverse bite. thus I needed more time to work on her lower teeth.

Yvonne after

On completion of the treatment, Yvonne was happy with the outcome, and walked out of the clinic with a wide grin. It was a tiring day for me, but Yvonne’s smile at the end of the treatment made it worthwhile. Thank you Yvonne  for having faith in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah Menara Raja Laut!

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