Sharkman the dive instructor’s Surprise Makeover: Dr Fauziah

Sharkman's teeth were filed thin and discoloured

Sharkman is a dive instructor in Perhentian Island. He had been teaching diving at Bubbles Resort for the past two years. The manager, Kristy, had come to KL for a visit a few months back so when he said he wanted to visit a dentist whilst on ‘shore leave’, she called to set up the visit for him.

When I first saw him, Sharkman was sitting quietly in the waiting area. He looked like any other dive instructor! He had tattoos up his muscular arm and around his neck and was dressed in bermudas … yes, Sharkman was indeed a diver!

This South African had learnt how to dive in South Africa! “Wow! I haven’t dived there before.” I told him, “There are Great Whites in those waters!” The sharks I’ve seen in the water with me have been white tips and black tips … they generally ignore divers!

From the side

He smiled.

Sharkman’s teeth needed some work for sure! He had a large overbite and his teeth were all filed thin!

“What happened?” I asked.

“I had braces done but I couldn’t stand it so I got them removed.” he said.

“Oh no,” I thought to myself. “This poor man had seen someone who had removed his braces and quite a bit of his teeth too!”

What a difference!

“They’re really very sensitive.” he said …. I wasn’t surprised … it must be really nasty diving in cold water with a regulator in his mouth!

I told Sharkman that I could reduce the gap in front of his teeth and at the same time I’d make them less sensitive.

“Really? Well OK … let’s do it!” Sharkman said.

I had a feeling he didn’t believe me 😉

And Sharkman was the perfect patient.He even settled back into the chair without any arguments when I said I wasn’t going to give him injections for the makeover!

I worked quickly as whenever I had to use the drill, Sharkman dug his fingers into his thighs …. the poor man has had a really bad experience with his previous dentists! He was more nervous than he let on!!

Sharkman was really pleased

“Are you ready to see your new smile?” I asked once I was done. He nodded and held out his hand for the mirror …

“Wow! I don’t believe it! They look great!” Sharkman examined his newly repaired teeth closely.

“I can’t see what you did … but they look so different!” He had  big smile on his face!

“I did some composite veneers to protect the fronts and backs and lengthened them too. They look good, huh.”

I was fishing for compliments! 😉

“Um … but did you file down my canines? It’s ok though as I didn’t tell you to keep them sharp.” he said.

“Huh? Oh did you want them long and pointy? No problem … I’ll put the long canines back again then!” I laughed … I didn’t know he wanted the canines to be extra long!

So I replaced the long canines and this time when I passed the mirror back to Sharkman he was beaming even more.

“I don’t believe it!” Sharkman kept saying. “This is incredible!”

“I made sure you’ll be fine to hold a reg in your mouth, too. Your teeth are actually stronger now!” I said. Being a dive instructor myself, I understood the conditions Sharkman needed to teach diving!

It was so nice to meet a fellow instructor … I haven’t gone diving for more than a year … the clinic has been super busy! Perhaps it’s time I visit Perhentian Island again … it’s been too long!

Sharkman left the clinic with a HUGE smile …. it took less than an hour to do his makeover and I’m sure it was the best hour Sharkman has spent in a long while!

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