Zabedah’s New Raya Smile: Dr. Dini

Zabedah before
Puan Zabedah …I fondly call her Kak Zabedah … is a succesful entrepreneur and yet she struck me as a wonderfully down-to-earth person.
She asked for a whiter teeth since her teeth were yellowish causing her to be conscious about it whenever she smiled.
She made the appointment months before, but being busy, only found the time recently …. she wanted to have whiter teeth for this coming Raya celebrations!
When Kak Zabedah came in last Wednesday, I explained to her the procedure.
Zabedah after

The only question she had was, “Is it going to be painful ?”… to which I gladly replied , “No, some people say there’s only a little sensitivity, but we will give you a desensitizer gel to rub on your teeth after the process is done..”

Hearing this she was reassured, “Ok!…lets do it” she said.
Mid way during the process Kak Zabedah gave us the thumbs up when I asked her if she was comfortable….she was fine.
After 4 15-minute cycles and the post whitening procedures we undertake to make sure patients understood what to expect after treatment ….the whole procedure took just an hour and half …. Kak Zabedah got her new white and brighter smile that she wanted!
And yes …. she is very happy with it!!
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