Ros finally gets her makeover : Dr. Kayethri

Ros before

Ros walked in one day to our clinic to get her regular scaling and check up. Chirpy she was, it didn’t take me long to engage with her.

She is a staff in Menara Eon Bank. We talked about work, family and other things under the sky. She was indeed a friendly person.

Upon check up, she needed scaling, and some simple fillings. What also struck me were the gaps she had on her lower teeth. Ros had one missing lower left tooth.

Once I was done with her scaling and fillings, I asked her if she had thought of ‘fixing’ the gaps. She gave me a grin, and said ‘Yes, but will it hurt? Will it cost a lot? ‘ I smiled and assured her that I could give her a beautiful smile, without costing her much cash and any pain. Well….. Let’s just say she was hesitant and unconvinced initially, and left…

But, she called several days later, made an appointment, and came back!

Ros after

I suggested 5 composite veneers and a composite build up. She agreed, and so I started my work. While the process was taking place, approximately about 40 minutes, Ros was in comfort all the while. The treatment was, after all, painless.

Finally, when I was done with her, and handed her the mirror, boy, was she suprised! Ros laughed and kept asking, how I did it. What pleased me, was when Ros told me that she was grateful that she chose to do the makeover. I loved her laughter too. Till we see you in September for your next appointment Ros!

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