En. Nazri’s Makeover : Dr Nik


En.Nazri is an “old” patient of our clinic who comes in regularly for his dental check up and treatment. In fact, his entire family, his wife and children are also our patients.

Few days ago, En. Nazri came to our clinic for his regular dental check up and said he may need a filling since he felt that a tooth had broken.

Once Yati,  seated him on the dental chair, I checked his teeth and sure enough he had a cavity on his upper right lateral incisor.

I did a filling on that tooth, and once done I asked him “Why aren’t you wearing your dentures?”  I remembered that I had made him a denture during his last visit about 7 months back.

“It’s not comfortable, Doctor, and I can’t taste the food well as the base covers up the palate….I only wore it for few days”

Ohh dear…what a waste…

I discussed the matter with En Nazri and explained to him that he had to be patient and give himself time to get used to the denture. I advised him to give it one more try…but En Nazri hesitated.


Well…sometimes that happens…but I really want to give En Nazri a better smile especially given the missing tooth is actually the lateral incisor …. it’s right next to the central tooth and hard to miss!!!

After much thought, I suggested to do a composite build up to close the gap but since the patient for my next appointment was already waiting, we set up another day to do the build up.

Today, En Nazri came in for his makeover and I start working on his teeth as soon as he was seated on the dental chair. Thirty minutes later, I passed him a mirror for him to have a look.

“Wow…it looks like the real thing! ” he said, smiling widely.

Yes it does.

And I’m so glad that I’m able to do that for him…. now he needn’t go about his day with a gap in his smile!

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