Intan’s New Smile : Dr Fauziah

The photo Intan emailed to me

Intan emailed us a few weeks ago after stumbling across this blog.

She had two crowns done to correct a tooth that had grown out of alignment. It was behind the other teeth, so whenever Intan smiled, it looked as if she had a missing tooth.

She went to another clinic and had it corrected but the results were far from satisfying! She ended up having the two teeth stick out instead!

The colour was all wrong¬† …. the shape was too big … the gum margin was black … poor Intan was far from happy.

Intan works in a local university where she often is called to make presentations and meet people. This lovely lady (yes, she is serene and regal!) became even more self-conscious of her smile.

We set up the appointment via email.

When I first met Intan, and saw her for the first time, I was confident we could give her back her beautiful smile.

Before and After pics sent by Intan

The hardest part of re-doing a crown is removing it! That took the most time really … but Intan was the model patient.

Once I had the crowns off, I only needed to reshape her teeth a little before making her the new temporary crowns.

I told Intan, “Don’t worry … if I can make beautiful temporary crowns immediately in the clinic, the technicians will easily make beautiful crowns for you as they have a week to do it!”

We decided on semi-precious gold-backed crowns this time as then there will definitely not be any black margin.

I only have the 'After' photo as I forgot to take the 'Before'!

It’s the metal that creates the shadow at the gum line so if we use gold, since it is yellow, there won’t be any black shadow!

I forgot to take the “Before” photos as I was so excited to help Intan get her beautiful smile, but Intan was kind enough to mail me a montage she made of the Before and After.

Intan wrote a wonderful Thank You email too … yes, she’s really pleased with the results!!

Yay! I love my job …. I get to make people happy and confident every single day!!

This is what Intan had to say:

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