MizzDeni gets her Raya Smile : Dr Fauziah

MizzDeni before

MizzDeni was referred to us by her friend Syaiful Baharin (Syaiful’s Makeover).

He had his makeover done some time back so MizzDeni had checked out this blog and was eager to have her makeover done too.

She came in with a friend and quickly settled down. MizzDeni said she had read about Azizul the Aspiring Airline Steward and wanted a makeover like his.

I told MizzDeni that though she was very much like Azizul (see link above) only the left side of her smile had a tooth set way back … this meant that she wouldn’t have a ‘balanced smile’ if I just did composite veneers for that side, as the right side of her smile would look smaller!

The tooth was set back on her left side

I explained to MizzDeni that when people look at her smiling, they see the front two teeth first … this meant if I enlarged just her left side what people would see immediately is, one front tooth was larger than the other!

And so I suggested to do a combination of composite veneers, crowns and bridge.

MizzDeni immediately said yes!!

“I promise you will leave here with a beautiful smile …. no regrets!” I said.

We worked pretty quickly … MizzDeni was just worried about pain and was fine once I reassured her.

On MizzDeni's right the teeth were only a little misaligned

When I was half  done I asked her if she’d like to see the progress … “Nope, let me see it when you’re done!”

I had to stop for a while to attend to another patient which gave MizzDeni a breather.

Once back we continued …

I spent some time shaping the temporary crown and bridge …

“I’m going to send this to the technicians so they’ll know exactly what to do. This way we will be sure they’ll get the shape and size you like.” I explained.

What a difference! And this is just her temporary crowns too

You see I figured out that what goes wrong with most crowns or bridges is that the dentist totally relies on the technicians to create the smile!

… that’s quite unfair as the technicians don’t see the patient … they don’t see the patients face shape, lips, cheekbones etc etc which go a long way to what would look natural to the teeth shape.

I figured out that the best way to always get it right for the patient.

It is up to the dentist to create the crown or bridge in the temporary crowns and bridge … once I know the patient likes the temporary, only then do I take the impressions for study models for the technician to copy!

MizzDeni looks fabulous now and it took just 90 minutes

I take full responsibility of the size, shape and arrangement ... the technician does not have to create it. It’s up to me … the dentist … to create the smile.

… and since I only go ahead when the patient likes the temporary crown, both patients and I can be confident that the permanent crown is going to look really nice and natural!!

And finally I was done …

I passed the magic mirror to MizzDeni …


“Wow!!!! I love it! Thank you!” she said with a big, big smile.

We hugged each other as we were both so happy with the results!


I reminded MizzDeni that it was only a temporary that was for her to get used to the new smile and her permanent crowns would be ready in a week’s time.

“Meanwhile, you can eat as normal. Just enjoy your new smile!” I reminded her.

MizzDeni and I after her makeover

We took the colour shade and then printed the ‘Before’ and “After” album for her to take home.

MizzDeni kept feeling around her mouth as it felt strange … “It will for a few days … don’t worry!” I said.

She smiled and we hugged our goodbyes.

But not after taking one last photo together!

See you next week MizzDeni!

And this is what MizzDeni wrote on the Dentist Malaysia FB page

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11 years ago

Wow..how much for treatment like this doctor? Is it more expensive than braces? Tqvm

11 years ago

Dear Dr. Fauziah, thank you for the awesome job today! It feels so good to be able to smile and not worried about the gaps in my smile anymore! Its really worth it and I don’t have to wait for 2 or 3 years of putting on shiny braces. I will see you again next week and I can’t wait to finish off my lower teeth! Thank you doc! See ya! 😀