Justin’s Makeover : Dr. Dini

Justin before

Justin is a 20 year old boy who is studying in one of the local college in Kuala Lumpur. He called our clinic 2 weeks ago to make an appointment to close the gap between his teeth.

When he came in yesterday, he pointed to the gap he wanted to close. which was between his upper two front teeth.

Before I could say or suggest anything, he said ,”I know that the effective treatment for me is to wear braces, but I don’t have the time since I’m leaving for Hong Kong next month. I’ll be there for 4 years”.

Justin before

Suprised, I asked him,”How do you know you should wear braces?”.

He replied,”Because I already consulted Dr. Mohd Shah and Dr. Fauziah last year.”

Dr Mohd Shah is our visiting orthodontist.

I smiled and explained that he was correct …. he did need to wear the braces to move the canines into position and improve his bite pattern, but could close the gap and ‘bring out’ the two lateral incisors that were tucked in …. I could ‘improve’ his smile.

I did a mock up of the makeover to show him what I meant.

Justin after

He was happy and liked the finished mock-up, so leaving him to admire his new look,  I discussed the treatment plan  with his father.

I explained in detail to Mr. Chan the treatment plan that I proposed … that I will do 4 veneers and keep the canines where they were, as Justin had said that he would proceed with the orthodontic treatment once he finished his studies in Hong Kong.

The makeover would improve his smile whilst leaving the canines in place to be moved through braces when he returned.

Mr. Chan agreed to the treatment plan and gave me the green light to proceed.

Justin was very calm throughout the whole process. Once we finished, I handed him the mirror and he smiled wide.

When Mr.Chan saw Justin coming out from the room smiling, he said this to his son,”Wow, Justin! Now you look like Mr. Malaysia-lah !” Both father and son laugh happily.

I too, was very happy to see both father and son happy.

As we said our good byes, I wished Justin good luck in Hong Kong. He promised to come and visit us whenever he was back for his study break.

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