Mr Tan gets a makeover : Dr Fauziah

Mr Tan before

Mr Sunny Tan walked into the clinic with a spring in his step. He immediately said, “My daughter, Karen, made the appointment for me. Do you remember her? She brought her mother-in-law for a makeover and I’d like to have one too!”

Yes, I remember Karen … she had accompanied her beautiful mother-in-law to-be for her makeover just before her wedding!

“Her mother-in-law looks so young! I believe we can all grow old gracefully … think young, look after your diet and excercise, that is the best way for anti- aging.” he said.

Mr Tan before

Mr Tan is in his late 50’s but he doesn’t look or act it at all … but since his smile looked aged he was in the clinic for us to do something about it.

“It all starts with what you believe about yourself,” he told me. “If you look at yourself and believe you are old, then you will be old!”

“I want you to do what you did forĀ  Angie, Karen’s mother-in-law.” said Mr Tan.

Yes, I remember that was one of the most satisfying makeovers and experiences I had. Angie is a very beautiful lady that shed years off her smile in just one visit! SeeĀ  Angie, The Groom’s Mum Gets A Makeover

Mr Tan now!!

And so we started, Mr Tan’s makeover ….

“No pain, OK.” he said. “Nope, no pain, no injections, I promise!” I reassured him.

Actually, when we first did the examination, Mr Tan was only interested in doing his lower teeth … he wanted to close the gaps in his lower front teeth and even out the sizes.

But his upper teeth were uneven in size and colour too … Mr Tan just didn’t think about doing them because his lowers looked like they needed to be done more urgently.

Mr Tan's smile now

Once I finished the makeover for the lower teeth, Mr Tan said, “What a difference! And you are right, I do need to do something for the top. Let’s just do them.” Yay!!

It was easy-peasy!

This time, when Mr Tan saw his reflection, he said,” Ah! Now I look younger!”

Yes he did too!

It’s incredible how a simple single-visit makeover can make such a huge difference to his smile.

As he left Mr Tan promised to email me the natural herbal supplements he was taking. He walked out of the clinic saying he must thank Karen, his daughter, for making the appointment for him!

What a nice man … and yes, thank you Karen.

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