Emily’s makeover : Dr. Kayethri

Emily before

Emily is an insurance agent in a local bank. Her work nature, involves a lot of meetings with new people everyday. She came to our clinic for a consultation appointment, after seeing our blog.

One look at Emily, she was a very sweet girl, with a very child like, bubbly voice. Let’s just say , I kind of adored her voice.

As I seated her on my dental chair, she explained to me her problem. Emily had gaps on her lower teeth, due to two missing teeth. I explained to her the treatment options, which included composite veneers and bridge. She chose to do the composite veneers.

” Will my teeth look very big after the treatment? ” she asked. I smiled at her and said ” No , it will look natural, don’t worry”.

Emily after

Emily just replied  ” Ok, as long as it doesn’t hurt”. I must say , Emily was a very optimistic and open minded person.

So I started my work on her. She needed only 4 composite veneers to close all the gaps, and it didn’t take me long, and didn’t cause her any pain either.

Once I was done, I handed over the mirror to her, just waiting to see her reaction. With a wide smile, ” It does look like real teeth” she said.

Did I make another patient happy today? I know another patient made me love my job more today .

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