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Anna before

Anna is a local, residing in Australia. She is working as an administration assistant. What makes Anna’s case special is, she was referred to me by her father, my optician back in my hometown!

It happened one day, when I went to him to get my contact lens supply after a long time. What a coincidence!

We were talking about work, and how he hardly sees me these days. I told him that I am now based in KL.

“What do you do?” he asked ( I’m his customer for the past 7 years!). “You forgot again uncle, I’m still a dentist,” I said jokingly.

It was then he explained to me Anna’s condition, and how dental treatments in Australia cost so much.

I handed him my  business card so that Anna could correspond with me via e-mail. After a few e-mail exchanged with Anna, she decided to make a consultation appointment on her trip back home.

Anna after

Anna had a lower left incisor missing since birth, and relatively smaller lower front teeth compared to her uppers, hence the spaces.

She was also interested in Zoom! Whitening as it would cost her a bomb back in Australia. So I suggested a Zoom! Whitening followed by 6 composite veneers to close the spaces.

Upon completion, Anna was indeed happy, as now she has a brighter natural smile. She even e-mailed me that her mom was interested to do a makeover as well! I was happy too, that I kept my promise to her dad that I would help her.

Now I can go back home, for my Hari Raya break, with a satisfaction that I too, delivered a service to my optician, as he always did for me.

Thank you uncle, and thank you Anna for trusting us!

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9 years ago

I have midline Diastema the gap is about 3mm….i wana close it with composite veneer….plus scaling and polishing…can u quote me a rpice