The Last Stage for Atiqah’s Amazing Makeover : Dr Fauziah

Atiqah when we began

It’s been a few months since we first met Atiqah. It was in June when Atiqah did the first stage of her makeover (See Atikah’s Amazing Makeover)

At the time she was concerned about the missing tooth that had been taken out when she was little. Her remaining teeth had grown into the space, leaving her with one large front tooth. The remaining tooth was discoloured and was brittle.

To make things worse, Atiqah also had an open bite … this meant that when she places her teeth together to bite naturally, her front teeth don’t touch or overlap. Her lower teeth we splayed out a little which made her open bite even more obvious!

Atiqah after her first visit

We did Stage One which was to ‘disguise’ her teeth so they look more natural … now Atiqah has two normal sized front teeth. At the same visit we also used composite veneers to close the open bite and correct the lower teeth too.

To our horror, during that first visit, Atiqah’s brittle tooth broke off! Luckily she was in the clinic so I could immediately repair it. Whew!!

At the end of the first visit, Atiqah already had a much, much nicer smile. Her top front teeth now looked more natural and the colour of her dead tooth was white … her lower teeth were straighter and she no longer had that open bite.

But Atiqah still needed to have root canal treatment to make sure the dead tooth would not get infected and swell up and then strengthen the brittle tooth.

Atiqah now ... doesn't she have the most beautiful smile?!

And so Stage 2 was to do the root treatment for the dead tooth … that took 3 visits to complete but was worth it as now Atiqah could do a post crown which meant the tooth would be really strong.

Yesterday we completed the final stage … Atiqah’s Amazing Makeover is now totally complete!!

It was so sweet to finally finish her makeover. Atiqah said her mother was amazed at how different she looked and she was looking forward to returning to Kelantan for the Aidil Fitri celebrations.

Atiqah is a naturally shy, reserved young lady … and now with her beautiful smile, Atiqah (I hope and trust) will be even more confident as she finishes her mechanical engineering course and starts her life as a young graduate.

Selamat Hari Raya Atiqah … I hope you have a wonderful time this year and take loads of pictures smiling when you return to Kelantan for the holidays!

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