Amir, The Groom-To-Be : Dr Nik


Amir was referred and brought to us by his sister Zalifah who had been our patient for few years now. These two have a very close brother sister relationship and one thing common that I see in them is they both are scared of dentists..!!

Zalifah who has been a patient of mine and seen me many times is still scared of me…professionally.

The first thing Amir asked of me once he was seated on the dental chair, was to do the treatment gently. He confessed that he had not seen any dentist for a long time. The only reason he had found the courage to see the dentist was because his sister kept persuading him to see me, his wedding date is coming nearer!

After the initial examination, I planned out the treatment  he needed and discussed the plan with Amir. Since his wedding is to be in December this year, Amir wanted it to be done in stages and requested to do an extraction  and the fillings on the upper right side first.

The first visit was to do a composite veneer and two fillings on the upper right side. Once done I passed him the mirror…..he smiled happily at the reflection and asked me how I did it.


“Magic laa…” I said jokingly and later explained to him exactly how I did it.

He was still smiling widely until I said to him that it’s time for me to pull out his tooth.

“Relax…I promised it will be painless” I said… and painless it was.

Amir went out smiling happily and he will be back soon for his second stage of treatment.

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