Amazing Cindy : Dr Kayethri

Cindy before

When Cindy called the clinic for a cosmetic appointment, I picked up her call.

With an amazingly fluent Malay, she enquired a few questions on our Zoom! whitening and veneers. I was a bit shocked when she later claimed herself as Cindy (I honestly thought she was a Malay!). I was looking forward to meet this girl, who has impressed me even before our first meeting.

Cindy is a 19-year-old college student , who does part time freelancing. I was very impressed by her independence.

She is the eldest of 6 siblings, obtained 8A s in her SPM, working part time to support her studies and now saved up for her smile makeover. What an amazing girl!

She also mentioned that she was chosen to represent Malaysia for a congress held in Korea for future leaders. Wow!

Cindy after
Cindy after

When I met her, Cindy presented with a peg shaped left and right lateral incisors and very sharp canines. She also wanted to do a Zoom! whitening.

I suggested 4 composite veneers to change the shape of her teeth, after the Zoom! whitening.

The result? A much more feminine smile indeed. All the best Cindy in your future undertakings and keep up with your spirit girl!

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