Puan Esah’s Raya Smile : Dr Dini

Puan Esah before.

Puan Esah is a 60  year old pensioner. She was introduced to us by her daughter, who is our patient here.

Initially, her complaint was an aching lower right molar. Upon examination, there was swelling around the tooth. I prescribed her a course of antibiotics and set another appointment for the extraction.

When she came on the appointment day, I had another look in her mouth. The swelling had subsided and so I told her that we can proceed with the extraction.

That was when I asked her if she wanted to do something about her front teeth.

The cavity on Puan Esah's teeth.

She asked, ” Boleh ke doktor?”….to which I gladly replied, “Boleh. Kita tutup gap, lepas tu tampal lubang tu.” Puan Esah agreed.

We started the treatment with her scaling and once finished I started to do her front teeth. The plan was to close the middle diastema (gap at the centre of Puan Esah central teeth) and to fill up the cavity. I had to make sure the size of the teeth  does not appear TOO big and wide after the gap is filled.

It took an hour to do her makeover and her extraction too.

Once done, I handed her the mirror….

Puan Esah after.The gap is closed.

She smiled and said, “Eh…dah takde ruang la doktor…cantik!”

Indeed… Cantik! She looked great!

Waiting in the reception was Puan Esah’s daughter. Puan Esah smiled at her  and the daughter suddenly realised that Puan Esah no longer had the gap between her teeth!

….and she said, “Wah….gigi raya!!!”

Both mother and daughter laughed.

The cavity is filled.

Seeing both of them laughing and happy really made me happy and satisfied too.

Creating beautiful smiles and most importantly making them happy was the best feeling to have!

Selamat Hari Raya.

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