Jannah, the bride-to-be : Dr. Kayethri

Jannah before

Jannah walked into the clinic one day, with her friend Aisyah, for a cosmetic consultation. Jannah had been following us through the blog for some time, and finally got the determination to do the makeover.

This 25 year old young lady works in IMR with her colleague cum best friend Aisyah. She is getting married in September.

One thing common between us, is we share the same hometown. I always get excited when I meet

people from Malacca. It’s a wonderful place, and I feel lucky growing up in such place :).

What Jannah had, were gaps, uneven and relatively small sized teeth. They didn’t compliment her feature. She also presented with a crossbite of her right lateral incisors.

As her wedding was nearing, she was on a budget, thus I had to keep the treatment plan within her budget.

I suggested 4 full composite veneers for upper and another 4 for her lowers, and a half veneer for her right canine.

Throughout the treatment, Aisyah was just watching quietly, while I was making conversation with both of them (though Jannah could hardly talk with her mouth wide open! 😉 )

Jannah after

The moment of truth came when I passed the mirror to Jannah as soon as I was done. She just couldn’t let go of the mirror!

And Aisyah was “Eh, lain la muka sekarang Jannah!”. The next thing she did was, “Dr, saya pun nak buat gigi depan saya yang patah, berapa lama ye?”.

I smiled and replied, “Satu gigi je, dalam 15-20 minit dah boleh siap”. What made me laugh, was when she asked “Eh, cepatnya, sama cantik ke Dr?”.

Of course, aren’t we here to do that?

Creating beautiful smile for you everyday! 🙂

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