Wani’s Post-Raya Smile : Dr Nik


Wani is a 25 year old young lady who works in Johor Baru. She was back in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate Raya with her family. She is the older sister of Nur (see Nur’s unplanned smile) who had her makeover done earlier. Since Wani was on a long Raya holiday (until after national day!!!) her father, En Zul brought her to the clinic and asked me if I could do something to beautify Wani’s smile.

I examined Wani’s teeth and asked her what it was that she didn’t like about her teeth. She said that it was the gaps that she was unhappy about.

“Yaa….you know, the reason why you have the gaps is actually because you have two missing lateral teeth…the teeth that are supposed to be at the side of your central teeth on the right and left. I think this problem runs in the family since Nur and Haziq have the same problem too ” I said ( Nur and Haziq are Wani’s siblings)

“But no worries, I can do something to make the smile nicer” I said excitedly.

After-no more gaps!

And what I did was  four composite veneers and two fillings and reshaping the teeth. It took me an hour to complete the work.

Once done,  I passed Wani the mirror. She smiled as she looked at her new smile. I asked her whether she like the new smile, she nodded and asked me why it felt different and weird.

I told her that she felt that way because she no longer had the gaps …. it felt unfamiliar but would be fine after few days. She smiled in  relief. Reassured and walked happily out.

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