Hazwan gets his makeover : Dr Fauziah

The peg shaped lateral incisor made Hazwan's smile look 'funny'

Hazwan has just finished another stage of his architectural course currently is working in Melbourne, Australia. Like many Malaysian’s abroad he came back to celebrate the Aidil Fitri holidays with his family in Kuala Lumpur.

Hazwan’s elder sister in Nur’Aainaa who had done her makeover some months back (see Nur’Aainaa’a Makeover). She encouraged her entire family to visit us and now it was Hazwan’s turn!

Hazwan was just a little nervous … he hadn’t seen a dentist for so very long and was convinced I was about to tell him he had plenty of fillings to do!

After I examined him, I told Hazwan the happy news … he didn’t have any fillings that needed to be done after all … he only needed a clean up and perhaps 2 composite veneers to close the gaps and make his teeth look more even.

“One of your lateral incisors is peg shaped, that is why there is the gap, but to make your smile look really nice I suggest you do composite veneers on both the lateral incisors.” I said.

Hazwan looked puzzled … I realised I hadn’t made any sense to him … lateral incisors? That is dentist-speak!

Now that's a handsome smile!

“Let me show you in a mock.” I said.

“A mock? What’s a mock?” he asked. I still didn’t make sense to him …. “Ah, a mock is like a mock house … I do the composite veneers on your teeth without actually preparing them so you can see what it will look like after I have completed your makeover. Don’t worry, it is easily removed so if you don’t like it we don’t have to proceed with the makeover!” I explained.

So I did the mock.

“Wow!” Hazwan said when he looked in the mirror. “Is it done?”

“Nope. It’s just a mock … I’ll take it off and since you like it, we’ll do the actual makeover now that you know what it’s going to look like.” I explained further as I flicked off the mock veneers.

It took less than 15 minutes to do both the veneers.

Hazwan, Nur'Aainaa and their mum after the makeover

Hazwan was all smiles when he looked at the final makeover! Both his father and Nur’Aainaa were smiling too as he scrutinised his new smile in the mirror.

It’s so nice to do entire families … Thanks to Nur’Aainaa, I have treated her father, mother and now her brother … they all have beautiful smiles!

Thank you Nur’Aainaa. See you in 3 weeks with your dad for his Stage 2 of his makeover!

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